Nagarjuna Sagar Boating

Boating experiences on large water bodies is a magic in itself. The state of Telangana is home to many such unique experiences where one can revel in the sizzling waters on a modern and comfortable cruise. Boating on Nagarjuna Sagar is one such popular boating experience that is a huge draw with tourists all over.

nrt12Telangana Tourism operates a regular cruise service, covering the picturesque Nagarjunasagar Dam when there is sufficient water after heavy inflows. Nagarjuna Konda, where the ancient Buddhist excavations were found is in middle of the waters of Nagarjuna Sagar. There are motorboats operating between Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir and the island of Nagarjunakonda. A one-way journey takes approximately 45 minutes and you can spend as much time exploring the island and the museum that houses rare artefacts from Buddhist era.

nrt13The cruise proceeds along some exotic locations of Nallamalla forest and is a perfect way to savor your holiday. The excellent boating facilities offered by Telangana Tourism has added a distinct charm to the pristine waters of dam. The tourism department offers boating facilities at affordable costs and is an ideal destination for corporate trips and short picnics involving friends and family. The cruise which takes one into the deep waters is a memorable experience. The cruise is operated by means of modern boats with good facilities for seating and safe railings for a perfect view of the surroundings.

Somasila Boating

nrt7 Mahabubnagar town is located at a distance of 96 km from  city. Formerly called Rukmammapeta and Palamooru. The boating services at Somasila, in the backwaters of the River Krishna. One more interesting is that once-in-12-years a maha Kumbh Mela called Krishna Pushakarams begins here which starts in the month of August.


New boats are coming up, and under this plan, it has been decided under all considerations that Somasila in Mahabubnagar is the unit where big boats can be operated. This is because Somasila, a tranquil region gets Srisailam Reservoir in seasons of the year. At present a new 80-seater, twin engine boat facilitated by Telangana tourism department.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

nrt6Telangana owes its famous title ‘Rice Bowl of India’ to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, which plays a lead role in making the lands of the state fertile. The 124-meter high dam is the tallest masonry dam in the world. This also ranks third in the largest man-made lakes of the world and it involved around 70000 workers to complete the project. The dam came into use in 1972 after completion in the year 1969. The marvelous architecture involved in storing massive amount of the waters of Krishna River necessitates a visit to this place.

Ethipothala waterfalls

nrt5Having visited Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, it would be unwise to leave out Ethipothala Waterfalls, which is situated around 11km from the dam. This 60-meter high waterfall is growing in stature as a star tourist attraction not only for the scenic beauty it has to offer but also for other attractions it holds. You could find many cave temples around this hillside. It offers wonderful scope for trekking and camping. The place houses a crocodile-breeding center as well.


nrt4In Koilsagar Irrigation Project constructed to irrigate an ayacut of 12000Acres, in Mahaboobnagar district, ayacut has not fully developed. It is now proposed to lift water from fore shore of Jurala Project in two stages to a total lift of 120m with 4 Nos. of Pumps of 10,000 HPreach and to fill up the Koilsagar Project to stabilize the ayacut of 12000 Acres including a gap ayacut of 7500 Acres and to irrigate an additional 38250 Acres bringing the total to 50,250 Acres under the project at a quoted value of Rs.360.20 Crores.

Jurala Project

nrt3The Joorala Project (also called the Jurala or Priyadarshini Jurala Project) is situated about 10 km from Kuravapur, Mahabubnagar. It is constructed on the Krishna river. The Kurvapur Kshetra River is merging with water of the Joorala Project. The project was completed in 1995. The Jurala has a full reservoir level of 1045 ft and has a full capacity of 11.94 TMC.


nrt2One of the most pleasant place in the Mahabubnagar is Mallelatheertham. It is a beautiful place to visit for the Lovers of Nature. It is a wonderful waterfall located in the Nallamala forest region on the way to Srisailam.



nrt1The most interesting place to see in Mahabubnagar is the famous banyan tree called Pillalamarri, which is about 4 km from the town. There is a tomb of a Muslim saint under the tree. The tree presents the appearance of a small hillock with green foliage from a distance but on reaching closer, it looks like a large green umbrella under which about thousand people can easily take shelter.It is 700 year old banyan tree and its branches extend over an area of 3 acres. In Telugu, “Pillalu” means children & “marri” means a banyan tree. There is also an aquarium, a small zoo and an archaeological museum here. There is a boating facility in the premises of Pillalamarri available only during the rainy season.