Nagarjuna Sagar Boating


Boating experiences on large water bodies is a magic in itself. The state of Telangana is home to many such unique experiences where one can revel in the sizzling waters on a modern and comfortable cruise. Boating on Nagarjuna Sagar is one such popular boating experience that is a huge draw with tourists all over.

nrt12Telangana Tourism operates a regular cruise service, covering the picturesque Nagarjunasagar Dam when there is sufficient water after heavy inflows. Nagarjuna Konda, where the ancient Buddhist excavations were found is in middle of the waters of Nagarjuna Sagar. There are motorboats operating between Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir and the island of Nagarjunakonda. A one-way journey takes approximately 45 minutes and you can spend as much time exploring the island and the museum that houses rare artefacts from Buddhist era.

nrt13The cruise proceeds along some exotic locations of Nallamalla forest and is a perfect way to savor your holiday. The excellent boating facilities offered by Telangana Tourism has added a distinct charm to the pristine waters of dam. The tourism department offers boating facilities at affordable costs and is an ideal destination for corporate trips and short picnics involving friends and family. The cruise which takes one into the deep waters is a memorable experience. The cruise is operated by means of modern boats with good facilities for seating and safe railings for a perfect view of the surroundings.