1. The devotees are advised to take the holy dips at any of the identified 106 Pushkar Ghats for their safety and security.
  2. The pilgrims are advised to choose a Ghat that is closer to their stay.
  3. Devotees are requested to immediately alert the security officials of Pushkaralu if they found any suspicious or unclaimed objects
  4. Devotees are requested to cooperate with the Traffic regulators for smooth movement of vehicles.
  5. Devotees are advised to follow the advice/ directions as intimated to them through various means like Public Address System, electronic screens, notice boards and any other material provided by the administrators.
  6. Please use garbage bins for disposing the waste.
  7. Devotees are requested to wear traditional attire that befits the religious mega event.


  1. Please carry biodegradable carry bags. Avoid use of plastic all the times.
  2. Do not wash clothes or use detergents, shampoos, soaps in Ghats while bathing.
  3. Do not overcrowd the vehicles or boats. Wait for the next vehicle/ trip.
  4. Devotees are advised not to encourage alms-seekers.
  5. Don’t pollute the River Krishna by throwing Pooja materials into it.